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Reliable Private Tutoring Service

On-campus Tutoring was founded by students for the students. The economic crisis Lebanon is facing has affected multiple sectors, and most importantly, the educational one. It is our job to ensure that the students will not be affected by this matter and get the education they deserve because they are the next generation that will be in charge of our country.
As such, it is of utmost importance to ensure that they will receive a quality education in any way possible.
On-campus tutoring services will guarantee that students will receive quality education no matter the difficulties. Our tutors understand what troubles high schoolers face and the barriers they encounter in their education.
The students behind this project believe that helping the community is the key to moving forward in life and achieving worldwide success. We believe that every person should get the help he deserves to flourish his unique abilities. Most importantly, our tutors have recently graduated with similar prevailing conditions our country is facing and are ready to assist the students to adapt to these changes without having their grades suffer through the process.